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Now God desires you to know, to understand, and appreciate this "GOOD NEWS". For that reason the book of Romans used technical language that--when understood--thrills the heart of every Believer. When these technical terms are not understood, it results in confusion. Romans 3:21-28 heralds the good news of our salvation with such terms and doctrines as:

·     "Righteousness"

·      "Imputation"                                                  

·      "Justification"              

·      "Grace"            

·      "Redemption"

·      "Propitiation"

·      "Faith"

·      "Remission"

·      "Forbearance"

·      *"Reconciliation"

·      *"Sanctification"

* The last two terms are from other portions of Scripture, which shall be included in this study of "SALVATION". There is much more confusion amongst Bible students over the question of salvation.  Is a person saved through faith alone?

1.   Is works part of salvation?

2.   Can a person know for sure he is saved?

3.   What if a person sins again after being saved?

4.   Can a person lose his salvation?

All of these questions can be answered simply, just by understanding the meaning of the terms, which are listed in the book The Dictionary Of The Gospel 

                                                                                                                  Grace and Peace

                                               Bishop Michael A McDaniel